Car Washing Guide



When cleaning with high pressure washer equipment, the following conditions must be adhered to:

1. Maximum pressure: 80bars (1200psi)
2. Maximum water temperature: 70oC (158oF)
3. Minimum nozzle distance: 75cm (30 inches) should be maintained between graphics and lance nozzle)
The lance nozzle must be aimed face-on to the graphics to be cleaned, not angled. The nozzle should be adjusted to a + 40o angle spray pattern.


Pressure washers used to deliver jets of water at acute angles may damage the edges of the
graphics and cause de-lamination.

High pressure steam cleaning equipment should never be used as the combination of high
pressure and extreme heat will interfere with the adhesion of the films.

Removal of difficult contaminants

Most dirt can be removed/cleaned by the methods mentioned above, however, some dirt
particles may require more attention. Particularly stubborn dirt includes diesel oil spills,
road tar, flies etc. Generally, these require stronger means to remove. Most of these dirt
spots can be removed using a soft cloth, soaked in mild solvents such as white spirit or
heptane. Thick, persistent dust particles may firstly be removed with a soft plastic scraper,
followed by a wipe with a damp cloth. After successful removal of such stains, always wash
areas with water and detergent. Some more powerful dirt/stain removers may contain
solvents which may damage the vinyl graphics or even the pain surface. Therefore, we
strongly recommend testing the product on an inconspicuous area of the vinyl graphic
prior to a cleaning taking place.



When washing your vehicle with vinyl applied, you need to ensure that the detergents used comply with the following requirements:

• free from abrasive components
• neither highly acidic or alkaline (pH preferably between 3-11)
• free from strong solvents and/or alcohols

Vehicles should not be cleaned within the first 48 hours after vinyl applications. After this initial period, it is recommended that graphics should be maintained on a monthly basis (or more frequently depending on user preference).

When cleaning vehicle, it is important to remember not to leave the cleaning detergent in contact with the vinyl graphics. Excess detergent should be thoroughly rinsed off.

Use of solvents and/or abrasive cleaning agents may damage the vinyl graphics and should therefore be avoided.

1. Check to see if loose dirt particles are on the surface of the graphics, and if so, remove
them by flushing off with plenty of water (loose dirt particles may scratch the surface if
using a soft brush or sponge). A low-pressure hose spray nozzle is suitable for this job.

2. Diluted detergent solution should be used to wash the graphics with a sponge or soft
brush. Do not remove solid particles with the brush or sponge. These should be rinsed off
with water using a hose. Wash from the top of the vehicle downwards so that the dirtiest
part, nearest the road, is well exposed to detergent.

3. After all dirt is removed, rinse well so that all detergent residues are removed from the
graphic surface.


we don’t recommend putting your vehicle through the car wash
use mild non-abrasive detergents
rinse your vehicle thoroughly after each wash